Dr. George Cuellar and AbbyDRC_3

Dr. Mark C. Rigoni and Soot (Our Hospital Cat)Mark Rigoni

Dr. Leticia Gonzalez and CarmellaLeticiaGonzalez

Dr. Lori Prater and Pumpernickel

Dr. Erin Bennett and ZoraErin_Bennett1

Dr. Dana Hernandez and KateyDr. HNew

Dr. Jenny Youngblood and Smoosh ParkerDR Y New

Dr. Ashley Mustakas and El CheAshleyMustakasII

Triana Wedemeyer, RVT with Tyson04b

Cesar and Bugimage_7

Melissa Cuellar and Abbie

Lisa and Buglisa F Bug

Areka Abrazian, RVT and Olyve06b

Lisa and Madisonimage_3

Monica Estrada and Scrat

Samantha (Sami) with Kobe (AKA Sneezer)WebsiteSami2014

Liz with Hurley and CelieWebsiteSami2014

Dani and FrankieLisaW2.Web

Amanda and Punkyamanda-web-peresonal

Cecilia and BoLisaW2.Web

Kimberly and AbbyLisaW2.Web

Justine and Zeus