We offer both medicated bathing for skin conditions and non-medicated basic bathing. We also offer some grooming and clipping. Our baths include ear cleaning, toe-nail trims, and anal sacs expressed. We use a variety of shampoos depending on the skin condition.

TIPS for home-bathing pets with itchy skin

  • Use cool water – Cool water decreases the amount of redness and decreases the amount of serum that can ooze onto the skin after a hot or warm bath. Cool water decreases itching.
  • Leave medicated shampoo on a minimum of 10 minutes. The shampoo needs to be scrubbed on the fur and then rubbed into the skin. The contact time allows the medicine to work.
  • Dilute a few tablespoons of shampoo in a cup of water and then apply it to the fur. Putting full strength shampoo on the fur makes it hard to rinse off. Un-rinsed shampoo can cause a variety of infections and inflammations.
  • Rinse well and then rinse again. Water is hydrating and good for the skin so the longer there is contact with cool water the better. Additionally, there should be not residual shampoo left.
  • Use an after rinse if prescribed. Mix the rinse with cool water then apply to the fur and rub onto the skin. Do not rinse this off.