website.monitorDue to advances anesthesia is much different today. It is “balanced” meaning it is much safer and the recovery is much quicker. The advances in anesthesia and surgery have made most procedures quite safe, with a low rate of complications. However, occasional problems can arise if the veterinarian is not aware of the pre-existing conditions which may not be evident during the pre-surgical examination and diagnostic testing. We require that every pet undergoing general anesthesia have baseline lab testing. This does not guarantee the absence of complications; however, it will greatly reduce the risk of complications.

For the safety and comfort of our patients, and for the peace of mind of our clients, we have a minimum set of requirements before, during, and after anesthesia. In addition, we offer additional care above and beyond our minimum standards for those cases requiring more.

For SAFETY we require the following:

  • A current examination no more than one day prior to the procedure (Veterinary Medical Board Requirement)
  • A safety catheter for intravenous access for fluids and or medications
  • Advanced monitoring of vital systems
  • Intravenous fluids during surgery to maintain blood pressure
  • Lab tests of blood to determine underlying problems
  • For COMFORT we require the following:

  • An anti-pain injection before the procedure that lessens the perception of pain afterwards
  • Post procedure anti-pain injection for sustained comfort
  • Pain medication for home administration
  • For Additional Safety we recommend a chest x-ray and an EKG to check heart size and function on most pets except very young normal pets. You will have an opportunity to choose to do these tests during check-in.

    For your convenience we also offer the following additional services. Some are easier and more comfortable if performed while under anesthesia.

    Home Again Microchip® placed during anesthesia (now a requirement in LA)
    ORA VET™ Dental Sealant (includes the first Ora Vet home kit)
    Fluoride treatment (pets under one year old only)