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Resources & Links

We have developed this page of links to help our clients navigate some of the information on the web. Check back frequently for new links and updates.

General Information
There are many places with information about pets. We like for general information. There is information on new puppies and kittens, kennel training or litter box training. There is medical information on most diseases and excellent advice for behavioral disorders.

A lot of good health related information at the public sight for the Veterinary Information Network or VIN called Veterinary Partner. We are proud members of VIN. We use VIN to get information on the latest therapy for our patients.

For indoor pets both cats and dogs with behavior problems we recommend the indoor cat and dog initiative sponsored and hosted by Ohio State University.

The Cornel Health Center has great video's on brushing cat's teeth and how to pill a cat among others. How to brush teeth is a 4 week program.  The videos have a cost but are with it.  

Some pets require special services for disabilities and handicaps that pets may have throughout their lives we like:

Information on Diabetes Mellitus
Home care and home blood glucose testing are becoming easier with the advent of the new glucometers that use very small amounts of blood to test glucose levels. With a simple ear prick that most pets tolerate well a glucose level can be done. This information is used to change the amount on insulin given per our instructions. These websites are excellent sources of information.

Information about Pet Hiking Safety

Information about Summer Safety

Information About Dog Water Safety

Information About Household Hazards, Poisons, and Safety

Information About Dog Toys: How to Pick the Best & Safest

Information about AAHA
We are Proud Members of the American Animal Hospital Association and have passed a rigorous set of standards to become certified. You can get more information about AAHA here.

Information about Rescue Groups
We work with some rescue groups as our way to give back to some of the homeless and unwanted cats and dogs. Rescue groups do such great things for the pets in their care and can always use a helping hand or contribution. The following groups work closely with us on the health of their pets.

Reverse Sneeze Video
We often get cases of dogs that seem to be choking or coughing or sneezing. They are making a strange noise in spasms and appear to be having trouble. Most of the time this is "reverse sneezing" which is considered normal in dogs. Please watch the video for an example.

Information Pursuing a Career as a Veterinary Paraprofessional
Students who have a passion for helping and caring for animals should look into obtaining a veterinarian technician degree as the first step in becoming a veterinarian. While few schools offer these programs online, this sight has gathered the best programs for your convenience.

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