Triana Wedemeyer, RVT with Tyson04b

Triana is the Practice Manager here at hospital and handles all aspects of operations. She is certified as a Registered Veterinary Technician and also works as a nurse and staff trainer.

Triana has been a part of SCVH since 1997.  She says “I love my job and where I work”

Triana was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Woodland Hills.  She graduated from Louisville High School in Woodland Hills.

Triana was recently married to Tim and they have a daughter, Jocelynn born November 9th, 2010. Triana has three cats Whitney, Meela, and Sockie and two dogs Tyson and Roscoe.

She spends her off time relaxing with her new daughter, her husband, family, and friends.

Cesar and Bugimage_7

Cesar is the Assistant Manager.   He is very good with patient care, emergencies, and surgery. He has been at SCVH since 2005 and says “the doctors are amazing and I like to learn all I can. My coworkers are great”.

Cesar takes pride in being the jokester of the group.

Cesar was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada before coming back to the valley for high school. He graduated from Cleveland High School in Reseda. He plans on being a registered veterinary technician in the short run and a veterinarian in the long run.

Cesar has two children, Julien, born in 2006 and Aundrea born in 2010. Cesar also has 2 dogs Bug and Angel and 2 cats Max and Mittens.

When not at work Cesar enjoys spending time with family and playing with his son. His hobbies include soccer and fishing and he and Vo are always planning their next soccer match or their next fishing trip

Melissa Cuellar and Abbie

Melissa works as a receptionist part time and is an owner of SCVH.   She has been at SCVH since hospital was purchased in June of 2005 and has helped create the family business. Her favorite part of the business is “to see pets get better”.

Melissa was born in Anaheim, grew up and went to school in Louisiana where she graduated from high school. She attended Nicholls State in Louisiana and UCSB plus CSUN in California. Lately, she attended College of the Canyons for a degree in photography. She is the hospital photographer and is responsible for all the pictures in this website and in the hospital.

She is married and has three children Jonathan born in 1988, Alison born in 1990, and Brenna born in 1997. She also has many pets that she loves. Abby, an English Pointer, pictured here. There is also Lucy, a French Bulldog and Sadie, a German Shorthair and three cats: Sebastian, Carter, and Buddy, and Timmy a California desert tortoise.

Melissa spends her time with her three active children. She is an accomplished photographer and continues to that as a hobby. She also enjoys long walks and hikes with the dogs.

Lisa and BugLsaF.Web.Walllisa F Bug

Lisa has been a receptionist since late 2009 and works here because “I love working with dogs and cats every day”. She would eventually like become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Lisa was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada before coming back to the valley for high school. She graduated from Cleveland High School in Reseda.

Lisa has a daughter, Nayeli, born in 2008.

Her pets include a Wire Haired Dachshund, Leah. Her hobby is fishing so when she is not at SCVH you will find her camping, fishing, or hiking but always enjoying “good food”.

Areka Abrazian, RVT and Olyve06b

Areka is a Registered Veterinary Technician and has worked at SCVH since 2000. She likes the “friendships” she has developed with staff and clients here at the hospital.

Areka was born and grew up in France and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She graduated from Granada Hills High School in 1999.

Areka continues to expand her entrepreneurial spirit and now has her own home nursing business. More information can be found on her website

One of her favorite things to do is surf and travel abroad.


Lisa and Madisonimage_3

Lisa works as a technician and works with doctors doing a variety of procedures. She has been here since 2007.

She says that “great co-workers and doctors and seeing the animals get better” are what she enjoys most.

Lisa was born, grew up in Japan and has made California her home for the last 16 years. She and her husband live in Lake Balboa  and have a “pet child”, Madison, a 2 year old Pitbull.

In her spare time, she enjoys making cold process soaps, bath bombs and bubble bars


Monica Estrada and Scrat

Monica works as a veterinary assistant and has been in the veterinary field since 2004. She has lived in California all her life and right here in the San Fernando Valley. She is a self-described true “valley girl” and graduated from Cleveland Magnet in 2002.

Monica started working here in August of 2010 and loves the fact that every day is never the same. She likes improving the quality and life for pets and the challenging nature of the work. Monica has a daughter plus she has three dogs, Scrat (pictured), Bo,and Mallory with one cat, Missy.

Monica has an adventurous side and loves to try new things even if only once. She wants to explore the world to see what is out there.

For now, though in her off time spending time with her daughter and hanging out with friends. Her favorite team-The Lakers!

Samantha (Sami) with Kobe (AKA Sneezer)WebsiteSami2014

Sami is a receptionist and started in 2012 and “likes giving smiles to clients making them feel special”. She “likes knowing that pets are being well taken care of and in good hands” here at SCVH.

Sami specializes in international travel and health certificates.

Sami was born at in West Hills and has been here her whole life. She graduated from El Camino High School in Woodland Hills.

Sami has one dog Kobe a 2½ year old Chihuahua and his best friend 8 month old Stella, the crazy tabby. She says that anything nature appeals to her, hiking, biking, and beach).

She loves spending time with family and friends, “going to movies or just hanging out”.

Crystal with Briar RoseWebsiteSami2014

Crystal started as a volunteer and now works part time in all areas of the hospital. Crystal’s ambition and goal is to become a Registered Veterinary Technician and a Certified Animal Rehabilitation Assistant.

Crystal was born in West Hills, but grew up in Woodland Hills and have been surrounded by animals my whole life. She attended Taft High School and Pierce Community College.

She has a CA license in human Phlebotomy and has taken classes to get certified as a dog trainer.

She has a variety of pets including dogs, cats, birds, and tortoises.

She feels like this is a second family more than just a place to work and she enjoys a variety of hobbies including hiking, horseback riding, and reading.

Liz with Hurley and CelieWebsiteSami2014

Liz is a veterinary technician that comes to us from Des Moines, Iowa where she grew up and went to high school.  She moved to California in 2013 and joined us in 2014.

Liz wants to travel to as many places as possible and enjoys seeing where history took place.

She likes that the entire staff does a great job caring for all “our patients and their humans while enjoying each other’s company”. She has two cats, Molly Mae and Phoebe and two dogs, Hurley and Celie.

Her favorite thing to do is to visit the area dog parks with her two dogs.

Dani and FrankieLisaW2.Web

Dani is a receptionist that really enjoys greeting clients with a friendly smile and a cheerful “hello” over the phone. She has been here since 2013 and loves the family feel here and our great clients and their pets.

Dani was born and raised in California. She was born in Granada Hills, grew up in Pacoima, and attended San Fernando High School. She aspires to get her RVT license or RN someday.

Dani has a son, Julian, born in 2015 as well as a dong nmed Frankie (pictured)

She enjoys hiking, reading, making jewelry, and spending time with her son and family. When not at work she is playing with her son at the park, hiking in the local mountains, riding her bike at the beach, cooking a great meal, or just relaxing under a shady tree with a good book.

Amanda and Punkyamanda-web-peresonal

Amanda is a receptionist and likes the fact that everyone is willing to teach.

Amanda spent most of her time growing up in California and attended Burrough’s High School in Burbank. She also spent a few years in Arizona. She is here to learn as much as possible. 

Her home life is spent with her cats Hamlet and Maize and when she is not at work, she spends time with family.  Her hobbies include camping, fishing, off roading, and cooking.